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What are you, blockchain?

Actually, blockchain has become a buzzword associated with cryptocurrencies, but there is a lot more inside. Let’s take a deeper look on it.  

Michał Drożdż


11 May 2018

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What are you, blockchain?

11 May 2018 | Michał Drożdż

Actually, blockchain has become a buzzword associated with cryptocurrencies, but there is a lot more inside. Let’s take a deeper look on it.  

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Agile way towards microservices

27 Apr 2018 | Michał Drożdż

What if you know that you will need a microservice architecture, but you do not know how to divide your business requirements into small, independent services?

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Configuring Spring in Stand-Alone Apps

24 Apr 2018 | Tomasz Janczewski


Here's a quick lesson in bringing Spring Configuration classes and functionality to your own stand-alone apps in the event you need them.

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Erlang/OTP vs JVM - a quick comparison

14 Feb 2018 | Tomasz Czermiński

There is a high need for a concurrent processing and most probably it will become only higher. That is why it is important to know the tools we have at hand, i.e. programming languages and everything around them, which is not limited to merely semantics, syntax, and idioms (though we still should have a solid knowledge of them).

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Popular EIP Frameworks comparison

11 Jan 2018 | Paweł Weselak

Enterprise Integration Patterns solves problems of enterprise application integration and message-oriented middleware. The aim of this article is to show the two EIP frameworks: Apache Camel and Spring Integration from the perspective of a developer who knows EIP patterns quite well but do not have very long experience with using these frameworks.

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How to quickly write an application to load thousands of records into DB using Spring Batch?

20 Dec 2017 | Paweł Weselak

  Mobile Databases 

Let’s assume we want to measure air pollution in our city. We’ve got around 100 detectors located in different parts of the town. Measurement results are collected every 15 minutes. It gives us 9600 records a day...

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MongoDB document oriented database | introduction

24 Nov 2017 | Mateusz Starzyk


We live in the world where we are bombarded with huge amount of information, news and advertising. Computer network becomes the central place of business. For this reason databases become fatter and fatter.

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Creating game for android using JavaScript #5 | Converting JavaScript applications to Android application

24 Aug 2017 | Józef Kała


Now, when we have fully working HTML 5 game, we want to convert it to mobile version.

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Mapping JPA in Your Database With the Time API

11 Aug 2017 | Tomasz Janczewski


Many times, we encounter the need to store date and time in our database. Throughout application development, we need to make CRUD operations on that stored data.

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