Tomasz Czermi

I am a geek, programmer, QA and Lisp enthusiast. My specialty is an application monitoring, performance testing and penetration testing. I wrote my first application at the age of 13.

Bartek Drzewi

Marcin Halastra

Jakub Hutny

Automation Test Engineer at Sabre. For ages interested in technologies and mobile market, with particular focus on Apple products.


Senior Java / JEE Software Engineer. In j-Labs from April 2016. He currently works for Sabre in the Commercial Analytics project. Apart from the purely commercial programming, privately interested in the market of mobile games and applications.

Wojciech J

Tomasz Janczewski

Java is my passion. In 2004 I wrote my first JVM application and till now I prefer programming than other project tasks. Through all this years when I've work with Java I have received great respect to it and humility for my skills.

Adrian Jarzyna

Software C# and C++ developer. 6 years experience. Interested in Agile methodologies.

Maciej Krzysica

Not a coding ninja, not a code evangelist, not a coding rockstar. Just a developer, who thinks the creating is among the nicest experiences.

Wojciech Maziarz

I work as a java developer for over 10 years. I like to write clean code supported by TDD.


Christian, software engineer, software craftsmanship admirer, open source contributor, a state of arttechnologies fan, active sports enthusiast, thinker, blogger, a bit perfectionist.

Grzegorz Pa


Jakub Pietrzyk

Szymon Piwowar


Piotr Rut

Jakub Sendor

Aleksandra Stankovi

Mateusz Starzyk

Commercial JAVA/JEE Software Engineer with experience in travel and telecommunications industry. Private also Webmaster and Mobile Developer.

Dominik Stolarski

Maciej Szafraniec

Mateusz Tondos

Karol Wybraniec

Grzegorz Wzi