Advisory Board

Piotr Bucki

Deputy CEO and talent hunter at j-labs. 15 years of professional experience. For 7 years he was a Java developer, then technical leader and consultant within the scope of security, 6 years of watching the industry as a CTO / deputy COE and co-owner of a company put Piotr in the ideal position to be able to perfectly balance expectations from the technology and business worlds. Piotr’s professional interests oscillate around IT systems security – and in particular those web based (ISC2 CISSP certificate holder). An avid mountain biker in his spare time. The blog is his brainchild.

Piotr Kiebasiński

Graduated Computational Physics at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. A j-labs consultant – Senior Java Developer, Tech Lead with more than 8 years of experience in developing business applications, numeric computations, data exploration systems, migrations, data analysis, deployment processes and automation of tests. He feels at home with all subjects associated with Linux, Bash and Open Source in general.

Paweł Weselak

Senior Java Developer. In IT industry since 2010. Sharing his knowledge and experiences Pawel finds the most rewarding in everyday work. He doesn't underestimate importance of developing soft skills in the job of software engineer. He is keen on Machine Learning and data analysis. His free time Pawel spends on traveling, dancing, snowboarding and striking up new acquaintances.

Grzegorz Ptaszek

Always close to programming languages from “Java universe”. 15 years of experience in many projects as developer, technical leader, architect, analytics, project manager. Most of time filled in business applications projects based on telecommunication technologies. Enthusiast of board games, sci-fi books and movies.